5 Reasons for an Avionic Upgrade

9. January 2024

Avionics – A Key Element for Safe and Modern Flying

The avionics are an indispensable part of every aircraft, responsible for communication, navigation, and monitoring of other important systems. It does more than just monitor engine temperatures or fuel levels; it is the heart of the aircraft, essential for safe flying. Here, you’ll learn why upgrading your avionics is crucial:

 1: Reducing the Risk of Failure: 

Over time, the risk of failure in older avionics increases. Wear and tear from operation, vibrations, and environmental factors contribute to this. Thus, planning an avionics upgrade early is wise to prevent Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations and keep your aircraft always ready for use. Unplanned failures can also be expensive, especially when replacement devices are hard to find.

 2. Improved Situational Awareness: 

Modern avionics systems enhance your situational awareness both in the air and on the ground. Advanced communication and navigation systems help maintain a clear overview and avoid collisions.

   3. More Comfortable Flying: 

Traveling in a private aircraft should be convenient, fast, and most importantly, comfortable. Modern avionics systems contribute to this, whether through up-to-date weather data, more efficient autopilots, or enhanced communication. An upgrade can significantly improve the comfort of your travels.

 4. Reduced Maintenance Effort: 

An updated cockpit with new avionics not only looks good but also reduces maintenance effort. As mentioned earlier, upgrading minimizes the risk of failure, thereby reducing the need for maintenance.

 5. Increased Aircraft Value: 

Investing in a new avionics system pays off. It increases the value of your aircraft and makes it more attractive to potential buyers, especially those specifically looking for aircraft with modern avionics.

 Additional reasons for an upgrade include compliance with current legal regulations and weight savings through newer, lighter systems. Depending on the aircraft and selected systems, savings of over 30 kg are possible.

 If you have questions about avionics upgrades or seek consultation, we are here to help. As a service and installation center for leading manufacturers like Garmin, Avidyne, and BendixKing, we offer independent advice and comprehensive support for your avionics needs.

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