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Safety / Luxury / Support

Piper Aircraft’s flagship model, the M600/SLS, impresses with its remarkable range and high cruising speed. Equipped with the advanced Garmin G3000 Halo Avionics, it sets a new benchmark in safety. Featuring the Autoland capability and powered by the proven PT6 turbine, the M600/SLS offers unparalleled safety. All of this is wrapped in a luxurious ambiance!


Redefining Flight

Piper Aircraft’s distinguished M350 seamlessly blends performance with elegance. With its commendable range and efficient cruising speed, it stands out in its class. Integrated with advanced avionics, the M350 ensures a safe flying experience. Powered by a reliable engine and enveloped in a refined interior, the M350 offers both safety and luxury in one sophisticated package.


Stylish Elegant Luxury

Piper Aircraft’s illustrious M500 is the epitome of style meeting substance. Boasting an impressive range and swift cruising capabilities, it’s a testament to advanced aviation design. Enhanced with state-of-the-art avionics, the M500 prioritizes safety without compromising on performance. Driven by a robust engine and enveloped in a chic interior, the M500 delivers an unmatched blend of safety, luxury, and efficiency.

Archer DLX

Innovation at Every Altitude

Archer DLX – Beautiful, efficient, and luxurious. Garmin cockpit technology and Continental CD-155 diesel engine in a tailor-made package for private owners.

Archer LX

Innovation at Every Altitude

Piper Aircraft’s Archer LX is where classic design meets modern innovation. Garmin cockpit technology and Continental CD-155 diesel engine in a tailor-made package for private owners.


Your Entry into Twin-Engine Flying

Piper Aircraft’s Seminole stands as a beacon of twin-engine reliability and prowess. Celebrated for its consistent performance and dual-engine dependability, it’s a top choice for both flight training institutions and seasoned pilots. Equipped with contemporary avionics, the Seminole guarantees a secure and efficient flight experience. With its powerful dual engines and a comfortably appointed interior, the Seminole is the embodiment of safety, performance, and comfort in twin-engine aviation.

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