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…a dynamic and thriving organization at the forefront of General Aviation in Europe. As an employee of Piper Deutschland, you are part of an exceptional team that values innovation, professionalism, and a passion for aviation.

Working at Piper is an inspiring experience. Our work environment is characterized by a positive atmosphere where all employees feel comfortable. With exciting tasks from the aviation industry, we offer diverse opportunities for personal and professional development. With our flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes, everyone has the chance to contribute their creativity and ideas. This allows us to quickly find innovative solutions and drive projects forward. At Piper, there is tremendous potential for growth, both on an individual and entrepreneurial level. Those who work with us can look forward to an exciting and challenging career.

At Piper Deutschland, we offer a modern and inspiring work environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. Thanks to our location overlooking the general aviation apron and our own maintenance hangar, we are close to the action while enjoying a magnificent view of the various aircraft that land and take off here every day. Our office spaces are designed with contemporary furnishings and feature ergonomic workstations. This ensures that you have all the necessary tools and resources to carry out your tasks in a comfortable environment. We firmly believe that a cozy and inspiring workplace is crucial for promoting productivity and job satisfaction.

Mutual respect and friendly cooperation are the cornerstones of our philosophy. One of the outstanding benefits of working at Piper Deutschland is the exceptional team of colleagues you will collaborate with. Our diverse and highly talented workforce shares a passionate enthusiasm for aviation. You will find yourself in a supportive and inclusive work environment where teamwork and mutual respect are highly valued.

Aviation and travel are inseparably linked, and that applies to us as well. For those interested,
our departments offer a wide range of travel opportunities. From customer visits to industry meetings and trade shows to aviation events – at Piper Deutschland, there are numerous captivating opportunities to travel, both domestically and internationally. This allows for expanding your network and broadening your horizons.

We focus on promoting the individual growth and professional development of our employees. From internships to apprenticeships and further training measures, we enable our team members to continuously develop and face new
challenges. This serves not only professional advancement but also personal fulfillment.

Our dedicated mentors and supervisors will support you during your time with us, whether as an
intern, apprentice, or in your professional career. They provide valuable expertise and share their extensive experience in the field of aviation and business. Whether you work as a technician in our maintenance hangar or as a business employee in spare parts trading, we accompany you on your journey.

We are aware that work is only one part of a fulfilling life. Therefore, it is important to us to enable our colleagues to have a balanced work-life balance. In addition to the standard 39-hour workweek, we offer flexible working hours, competitive compensation, and attractive retirement options. Furthermore, we organize regular employee events, such as shared lunchtime barbecues.

Moreover, we offer our employees the opportunity to obtain a Private Pilot License (PPL) within the company. Because our goal is not only to work in aviation, but to live it!

Apprenticeships at Piper Deutschland AG

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Hey, you adventurer of the skies! Find your way into aviation, right from Kassel!

Why is an apprenticeship at Piper Deutschland AG an absolute blast? It’s simple – here, things really take off! Imagine immersing yourself in an industry as exciting as the sky itself. Every day,
you’ll face new, thrilling challenges, far from the boredom of an ordinary job.

As a technician with us, you won’t be tinkering with just any machines, but with aircraft worth more than some villas. You’ll become part of a team that ensures these million-dollar machines take off smoothly.

Or how about as a business professional? Here, you’re not just selling products – you’re ensuring that propellers, aircraft engines, and jet brakes reach the whole world. You’re the engine that keeps our industry running.

And the best part? Alongside your apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to live out your dream of flying. With the option to obtain a pilot’s license, your career takes off to a whole new level.

Speaking of taking off – with us, you also get the chance to fly yourself! This isn’t just an apprenticeship, it’s an adventure you won’t experience anywhere else.


for one of the largest general aviation companies

85 colleagues

39 h week

5 offices in Europe

Modern workplace equipment

Regular joint barbecue

Free parking spaces

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Aquila AT01


Beech 35, 36, 200


Cessna 100, 200, C300, C400 + 525 series
Cessna 208 series
Cirrus SR 20, SR 22 & SR 22T
Czech Sport PS-28


Diamond DA 20, DA 40, DA 42 & DV 20• Daher Socata TB series
Dornier Do 228


Embraer EMB-505


GippsAero GA8 Airvan


Liberty XL-2


Mooney M-20 series


Pilatus PC 12 series
Piper – all series


TBM 700


XtremeAir XA41 & XA42