CAMO Germany

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization

Your reliable partner for the management of your aircraft or fleet.

Whether you travel for business, professional, or leisure purposes with your own aircraft, we support you with a variety of requirements, regulations, and laws for which you, as the owner, operator, or pilot of an aircraft, bear responsibility for. Flying should be a relief and not a burden for you – that’s exactly what we are here for!

We take on a multitude of tasks for you. This includes the monitoring and assurance of the airworthiness and safety of your aircraft, the evaluation and implementation of all AD/SB issued monthly by all manufacturers or aviation authorities, the monitoring and planning of maintenance intervals and repairs, keeping the complete record of your aircraft’s life, and communication with aviation authorities, especially during inspections and checks. In summary, we handle the administration of your aircraft for you – allowing you to travel relaxed, without the hassle of complex bureaucracy.

Your Benefits with our CAMO Service
Comprehensive Expertise

Our certified team has extensive experience in CAMO management and knows the requirements of EASA inside and out. You can rely on our expertise.

Paperless Processes

Thanks to our digital solutions, we significantly minimize administrative efforts. This means you can spend more time flying and less on tedious paperwork.

Swift Processing

We work efficiently and promptly to ensure your aircraft is always airworthy. Our services are designed to minimize downtime and maximize your flying time.

Document Verification and Physical Surveys

We review and archive your documents and conduct physical inspections. This ensures that your aircraft meets the required standards.

Recommendations and Certificates

Our experts issue recommendations and certificates in accordance with EASA regulations for the issuance of EASA Form 15a or 15b to ensure the legal compliance and airworthiness of your aircraft.

Planning and Analysis of Maintenance Events

We assist you in optimizing maintenance procedures to save costs and minimize downtime.

Assistance with Aviation Authorities

We support you during extraordinary inspections and checks by the authorities and act as your contact and liaison.

Fly carefree

With our first-class aircraft maintenance

Relax and enjoy flying to the fullest. With our CAMO service, we take care of the rest, allowing you to focus on your joy of flying. Trust us and experience an Ownership Experience that leaves nothing to be desired. Inquire today for a personalized quote for CAMO support for your aircraft.



Aquila AT01


Beech 35, 36, 200


Cessna 100, 200, C300, C400 + 525 series
Cessna 208 series
Cirrus SR 20, SR 22 & SR 22T
Czech Sport PS-28


Diamond DA 20, DA 40, DA 42 & DV 20• Daher Socata TB series
Dornier Do 228


Embraer EMB-505


GippsAero GA8 Airvan


Liberty XL-2


Mooney M-20 series


Pilatus PC 12 series
Piper – all series


TBM 700


XtremeAir XA41 & XA42