Piper PA-46-350P

The 6-seater Piper M350 combines the comfort of an aircraft with a pressurised cabin and the economic efficiency of a 6 cylinder piston engine to your satisfaction and offers great flexibility when planning a flight. Should a headwind be a factor during flight planning, you can fly at a lower altitude without increasing fuel consumption. In the same way, you can reap the benefits of a tail wind at higher altitudes. This is possible thanks to the Piper M350 comfortable pressurised cabin.  213 kts TAS 1,343 nm range with long-range performance settings, 25,000 ft service ceiling, 5.6 psi cabin differential pressure and certification for flights in known icing conditions round off the positive image of the Mirage.

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34379 Calden, Germany

+49 (0) 5674 704 51 / 52

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