Global Aviation+Piper Parts

Your supplier of aircraft parts and accessories

Global Aviation + Piper Parts is the leading international supplier of aircraft parts and accessories in the General Aviation sector.

With more than 50 years market experience and resulting from the merging of three European aircraft parts suppliers (Cooper European Aircraft Parts Calden, RAS Parts Monchengladbach and Piper & CSE Aircraft Parts Shoreham) we operate from four offices from which we supply Europe and the rest of the world.

Piper Parts underlines our traditional strength and expertise in dealing with Piper parts in co-operation with the parent company, Piper Generalvertretung Deutschland AG, one of the world's largest Piper dealerships.


All four sites have acquired experience in the branch over the past decades and are able to deliver the entire product programme.


In addition to offering procurement possibilities via the internet, we also concentrate on providing unlimited personal service and qualified AOG handling as well as warranty processing and technical product support.


Certification in accordance EN 9120:2018 is a matter of course and we are regularly audited by DEKRA.


We have approx. 60,000 different products in stock, ranging from the smallest screw to power plants, and maintain close contact to the supplier industry. Lean processes and close co-ordination with our sub-contractors ensure the fastest possible acquisition.


We are proud of the fact that we are recognised by many suppliers as their main dealer. Over the past few years we have further extended our business from the General Aviation and Business Aviation sectors into the Airline Business sector.


Several established maintenance organisations in Europe and the rest of the world regard our high-quality standards and service very highly.


We offer a reliable service in accordance with EASA and FAA standards.


Our experienced work-force understands the needs of our customers at home and abroad. Whether having to deal with an AOG requirement, a normal order or a power plant with core return, we offer the best service possible per telephone, telefax or email.


Inquiries, orders and offers and estimates are dealt with as quickly as possible. Our storage system and a 24/7 delivery services in europe helps us to play our part in reducing ground times to a minimum.


Should your aircraft parts still be under warranty, we will supply the appropriate replacement and deal with the necessary paperwork.


Give us a try if you have not done so yet. We will make you an attractive offer for aircraft parts and services.


Our EN 9120:2018 certification underlines our high quality standards and ensures complete documentation and availability of all aviation-relevant certificates.