Seneca V


The Piper Seneca V is unrivalled in its segment, exceptionally fast, spacious and comfortable and a reliable aircraft for virtually any commercial mission. World-wide thousands of Senecas are operating safely and reliably in the business travel sector, particularly from airports with no scheduled traffic. You can choose between an aircraft operated in the so-called Golf class (multi-engine aircraft < 2000 kg) or in the India class (multi-engine aircraft > 2000 kg). 

197 kts TAS (75% max. cruise), 828 nm range with long-range performance settings and 25,000 ft service ceiling are good arguments in favour of this excellent and well-proven aircraft. 


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Flughafen Kassel
34379 Calden, Germany

+49 (0) 5674 704 51 / 52

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