Pilot 100i

Piper Pilot 100i

Simplicity and value define the Pilot 100i. Your flight training business plan is easily achievable with this unrivaled primary training aircraft. The tried-and-true PA28 airframe and reliable Lycoming engine meet state-of-the-art Garmin G3X-Touch avionics for a trustworthy training aircraft that can be used to train all levels and all certificates. Make your financial targets with no compromises in capability, quality, safety or reliability – uniquely with the Pilot 100i.

The Piper Pilot 100i provides flight schools with a professional training aircraft that offer a value proposition which translates into lower operating costs that can result in lower priced initial training courses. Standard instrumentation includes the Garmin G3X system, which offers all the advantages of a glass cockpit without the costs. The Pilot 100i is powered by the 180hp Lycoming IO-360-B4A which offers 128 ktas / 237 km/h max cruise speed and 522 nm range with 45 minute reserve.  The Pilot 100i’s interior is simple, yet functional and was specially crafted to withstand the of rigors flight training.

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